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Melting Pot

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This is my first post so I thought I would let you know why I am doing this Blog.I have always been a foodie. My love of the subject is so strong that I became a chef in order to study and understand it. You can’t fully understand food until you understand it’s effect on history and culture (and Vice Versa). Detroit, and for that matter the entire United States is a melting pot. A stew that grows stronger each ingredient you add. Here in Detroit there is an incredible variety of ethnic diversity. Each culture bring it’s own history and traditions that adds to and enriches this stew.Some ingredients are obvious. If you want Tacos you can go to Mexicantown. For a Gyro go to Greektown. For Kielbasa and Kraut a trip to Hamtramck is in order but what are those flavors you can’t recognize?I mentioned Mexicantown. While most people are familiar with the Americanized versions of Mexican foods available in the more popular restaurants there how many people have gone off the beaten track to explore the lesser well known stores and restaurants that exist there. Guatemalan, Honduran, Columbian and others groups are also part of the mix that exists in this well known neighborhood. Each offer up it’s culture and foods to add to Detroit’s Melting Pot. How many remember Detroit’s Chinatown? It existed in Detroit between Cass and Third and from Michigan Ave north to Peterboro and was home to many shops and restaurants (and culture) until development caused it dispersal (to this day you can still see Chinese writing on the facades of some buildings there). What happened? While we can all look in the phone book and find a Chinese restaurant practically right around the corner from our house few people know about the Asian Community that exists along John R in Madison Heights. Chinese, Vietnamese,Thai, Filipino groceries,restaurants and stores exist on almost every corner. I could go on and on (Laotion foods on the East side, Arabic in Dearborn etc.) but I digress.If you enjoy watching shows like Bizarre Foods or No Reservations on the Travel Channel stay tuned to this Blog. I’m going to show you that all that stuff really exists. Where? Right here in Detroit


Written by Ed Schenk

December 14, 2009 at 11:42 pm

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