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Josie’s Birthday

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Birthdays are special occasions. In past years in our household we have celebrated these events in a variety of fashions. Last year, for my daughter’s B-day,  I prepared an entire Japanese meal (including homemade sushi) for my daughter and her friends. For my wife and I the day usually meant dinner out at one of many exceptional restaurants that dot the fine dining landscape in Detroit. With the economy being what it is and many folks using the “rich in heart but wanting in pocket” approach I decided to cook on the occasion of my wifes birthday. This doesn’t mean the day is any less special. It just gives me an opportunity to show my love and appreciation in a more personal way.  When I say I cooked what I really mean is that I reached into my soul in order to give a part of myself to her on her special day. The menu was as follows:

Appetizer: Shrimp Tower with Avocado and Tomato

Pasta: House made Fennel and Ricotta Ravioli with Fresh Basil/Tomato Sauce

Entrée: Chicken Stuffed with Crawfish Cornbread Dressing

Dessert: Orange Crepes with Whipped Cream (no Photo)

Recipes will be published at a later date


Written by Ed Schenk

December 21, 2009 at 10:11 am

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